SI Joint InjectionIf you’re past the point of getting relief through over-the-counter medications, it might be time to start thinking about a SI joint injection. Many people are able to keep their SI joint pain under control with injections of cortisone. Injections may be regular, or used only when problems flare up. Suffering from SI joint pain? Millions of people just like you have found that an SI joint injection is the perfect fix for getting rid of the pain. However, before you start seeking out a doctor who will provide you with injections, it’s important to know about your options. After all, injections shouldn’t be treated lightly.

If it’s at all possible to get rid of your pain through SI joint exercises or other treatment options, you should always pursue these avenues first. Assuming you’ve done your research on various SI joint treatment options, we’re happy to provide you with the following information!

85% of all adults in the United States either have been or will be affected by lower back pain. Of those adults, 30% will learn that their pain is caused by one of their SI joints. That’s 64 million adults! In order to take away the pain of an inflamed SI joint, many medical clinics and physicians are offering SI joint injections. While an injection will work for some people (for a few weeks, at least), it’s not always the best option across the board. Some people need more serious SI joint solutions (e.g. surgery) while others could benefit from basic exercises.