Si Joint Management

SI Joint Management

Over the years, our team has been able to help thousands of people like you who are suffering from SI joint pain. We’ve found that there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all solution to any problem, and when it comes to SI joint pain, that’s especially true. Unfortunately, your pain is unique to you. Perhaps you were involved in an auto accident, or maybe multiple pregnancies led to your SI joint problems. The fact is, there are an infinite number of causes behind SI joint pain. Let’s dig into some of the facts to find an approach to SI Joint management that works for you!

Mild Pain? Try SI Joint Exercises

  • If you experience infrequent pain – or just a dull lower back pain – then you should consider adding a set of SI joint exercises to your morning routine. From basic stretches to strengthening exercises, there are hundreds of SI joint exercises that can help you manage and eliminate your pain.

Serious Pain? SI Joint Medication/Injections

  • While exercises can help alleviate serious SI joint pain, it might take more than a yoga mat to achieve the comfort you need. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone injections, and hyaluronic acid injections can all be used to your advantage if you have serious sacroiliac joint pain. However, before you move “up a rung” in the severity of your approach to SI joint management, you should always make sure you’ve exhausted the more primary solutions.

Excruciating Pain? Time for SI Joint Surgery

  • If your SI joint pain is so debilitating that you cannot even attempt SI joint exercises, then it might be time to consider surgery. There are a number of SI joint surgery procedures on today’s market, some of which require weeks of bed rest, while others send patients walking home the next day! Regardless of which type of SI joint surgery you choose, you should always attempt to manage your pain without surgery.