SI Joint Diagnosis

Need a SI Joint Diagnosis?

Are you tired of dealing with your lower back pain? Have you long suspected that your SI joint is the root of your pain, but still haven’t gotten the official SI joint diagnosis done? If so, then let today be your day.

It’s quite likely that your lower back pain is related to the SI joint. Unfortunately, SI joint pain is all too common. In fact, of the 85% of adults who experience lower back pain, a striking 30% of issues are rooted in the SI joint. That means that, statistically speaking, over 60 million U.S. adults either have suffered or will suffer from SI joint pain at some point in their lives.

If you’ve had enough with your SI joint pain, talk to one of our trained experts today. We can help you diagnose whether your pain is in the SI joint or elsewhere. If you’ve already begun the SI joint diagnosis problem and have an MRI, we’d be happy to review your MRI at no cost.